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Introducing The iClasp

We live in a time of virtually unlimited options, having the freedom to stream thousands of songs from every era, watch any TV show or movie you want at the click of a button, and shop from almost anywhere in the world within the comfort of your own home. With so many choices out there, why should it not extent to the way in which you wear your watch. The iClasp is an Apple Watch accessory made for the purpose of giving owners more choice in how they wear their Apple Watches. Think outside the box and enjoy your smartwatch with incredible style.

Designed To Fit Your Unique Style

The iClasp is designed to fit neatly onto many different sizes and styles of necklaces and chains. The ultimate accessory, our wrist-free attachment gives you multiple alternatives to the standard wristwatch. From fashionable jewelry to practical lanyards, the iClasp is versatility at its finest.


Make a statement with an elegant pendant for your chain, leather, nylon, or wire necklace. Display your Apple Watch as a stylish locket for all to admire.

Pocket Watch

An inventive way to mix old and new, create a vintage-style pocket watch with ultra-modern (or twenty-first century) technology.


A more practical approach for the working professional, fasten your Apple Watch and badges securely around your neck. Perfect for medical professionals who need their hands jewelry-free at work.

Innovative Design

Made of high quality stainless steel, the iClasp comes polished in several colors to fit your personal style and jewelry choice. The handle contains hand set cubic zirconia diamonds, recessed into the metal, adding a charming and sophisticated touch. The oversized form fits all chain sizes. We value practicality, and the iClasp is designed to use with only one hand.

Elegant Features

The multipurpose handle on the iClasp can also act as a stand for your AppleWatch. Prop it up anywhere to watch a video or set it on your night stand as an alarm clock. Our product is made with the security of your Apple Watch in mind. Though easily attached, your smartwatch is in no danger of falling off. So rest assured that your Apple Watch is secure with the iClasp.

Premium Stainless Steel Polished in Deluxe Tones

Designed to last forever, the iClasp comes plated in several colors including 14kt gold and rose gold, luxe silver, and classic black.


$ 29.99
This understated minimalist style still holds a modern twist


$ 29.99
Catch everyone’s attention with the ultimate “bling” accessory
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Rose Gold

$ 29.99
Push beyond traditional boundaries with this widely popular shade


$ 29.99
There’s a simple elegance about Silver that makes it undeniably timeless

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All eyes will be on you as you show your versatility with the iClasp. Wear your Apple Watch with incredible style.

Pioneering Technology

Modern Features

Innovative Design