About Us

It Started with an Idea…

My name is Frank Tully, dreamer at heart, and I, along with my lovely wife Kim Tully, am the creator and founder of iClasp. Kim and I would never have been able to bring this dream to life without our great friends and partners, John and Janet L.

I consider myself a very forward-thinking individual, always seeing and predicting trends ahead of time. I’ve always been a lover of new technology and how it can improve and change our lives in ways we could never have imagined.

Apple was a particular favorite of mine, with Steve Jobs being someone I’d always been inspired by, and I consistently stayed up to date with the latest iPhones and Apple products. I remember the day the Apple Watch was announced at a Conference in 2014. Widely teased and speculated about for years, it was finally time to see the finished product. I remember my immediate thought upon its unveiling: “Why can’t it be worn around the neck?”

Sure, it’s a watch after all but Apple is all about innovation. And that’s when the idea came to me. Why notwear your Apple Watch around your neck? Why not where it anywhere you want! That’s why the iClasp works so perfectly, it gives consumers choice. Choice in how they style their accessories. Choice in how they use their technology. However, the most important benefit of the iClasp for me is the world it opens up to those who are disabled.

I’m a cancer survivor. Though In remission, at its worst my cancer left me paralyzed from the knees down and partially paralyzed in my hands. It is with those who are in the position I was in, that I hope the iClasp can benefit. For stroke victims, people with one arm, or anyone else with limited mobility, I made sure that the iClasp was designed so that only one hand is needed to use it. These people deserve to be connected to the world also, and to feel a sense of security, and that it what I hope to help bring.

I had to give up my job as a house painter, but I see now that my experience has given me an opportunity for a new life. It gave me the chance to be creative in ways I had only dreamed of before. It was a long, hard road to manifest this dream, securing the trademark and finding investors, but here I am. When you really believe in your product, and yourself like I do, you find a way. Like Steve Jobs, I want to create a revolution – a different way. Join me in this journey, expand your creativity and give the iClasp a try.